Johan Heinemann

Johan Heinemann - Leader of The Alliance
Contains spoilers - do not read without first reading Absolution: the Vampire Alliance Book One and Allegiance: the Vampire Alliance Book Two

Johan founded The Alliance in 1942 in an endeavour to oppose The Senate's demand to be granted emergency powers. That attempt failed and since The Senate became dictators Johan has been leading The Alliance as a militarised rebel group.

Johan was called 'Raban' in his youth. His birth date is unknown but is thought to be around 4AD in what was Germania. He was a slave until his master's daughter became his wife. His spouse, Hailwic, was a vampire and tried unsuccessfully to turn him, causing him to become a Halfling. Hailwic's father and sire, Berengar, agreed to turn Johan for his daughter's sake. The exact date of Johan's conversion is also unknown.

Shortly after Johan's turn, his wife was hunted down and burned at the stake. He went after the mortal mob responsible to avenge her death but due to his youth came close to dying himself. He was rescued by another vampire, roman soldier Lucius Avitus Seneca who was travelling through Germania with his own wife, the mortal Aemiliana.

During his lifetime Johan has served in a number of military roles, especially since coming to England. He served at the roman fort, Arbeia, in what is now South Shields in northern England as well as taking part in a number of notable battles throughout history. He's fought on both winning and losing sides, having fought with Richard III at the battle of Bosworth and also sailing out to meet the Armada during the reign of Elizabeth I.

In more recent history he served The Senate as an Enforcer under Thomas Depp, prior to it's decline into tyranny under Edward Clarence. He also acted as a spy in the German camp during World War One, passing messages back to General Haig until he sired Robert Blakethorn and became responsible for training him.

Johan's Line:
 The following document has been retrieved from Senate archives by an Alliance infiltrator. While the Senate are unable to confirm all of Johan's descendants we can confirm that he sired both Robert Blakethorn and Ingo.