About: The Alliance
Spoilers below - do not read without first reading Absolution: The Vampire Alliance Book One

Foundation: The Alliance was originally founded in 1942 as an opposition party to The Senate.

Moto: Freedom at all costs.

Reason for Creation: At the outbreak of World War Two the vampire Prime Minister and leader of The Senate, Thomas Depp, mysteriously disappeared allowing Deputy Prime Minister Edward Clarence to take his place. By May 1942 The Senate, the ruling party, were demanding emergency powers for the duration of the war to combat the perceived foreign threat of Hitler's vampire forces, lead by notorious vampire Abendroth.Under Clarence The Senate rolled out an oppressive and tyrannical regime using blackmail and abduction to force the granting of emergency powers which many suspected they had no intention of relinquishing in peace time. The Alliance was to be a new opposition party, strong enough to withstand the threats of The Senate.

Unfortunately, once The Senate received emergency powers is became impossible to function as a political party. In June 1942 The Alliance became a militarised organisation fighting for freedom from The Senate who, as suspected, became an oppressive dictatorship.

Founder: Johan Heinemann

Current Leader: Johan Heinemann

Second in Command: Tulloch Sullivan

Organisation: The Alliance is a national organisation with two main headquarters and a number of regional branches. The primary headquarters is outside Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and is where Johan Heineman is based. A secondary headquarters is based in London, which is The Alliance's main research and development facility with a range of science facilities for medical and genetic studies as well as weapons development. Alongside these headquarters are a number of regional facilities run by regional leaders.

Primary Headquarters (North East Region & Leadership):
Facility - Raban House Hotel, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
Leader/Second - Johan Heinemann/Tulloch Sullivan
Extra Information - In case of evacuation Newcastle based Alliance members will move to Winlaton Facility, Winlaton

Secondary Headquarters (South East Region & Research & Development):
Facility - Kenwood House, London
Leader/Second - Harold Carol/Samantha Jameson
Head of Science & Development - Dr Franklin
Extra /Information - In case of evacuation London based Alliance members will move to Beta Facility, Isle of Sheppey

Scotland (Regional):
Facility - Sterling Hive, Sterling
Leader - James Douglas

North West (Regional):
Facility - Ullswater Bunker, Pooley Bridge, Cumbria
Leader - Anne Riggs

Yorkshire (Regional):
Facility - Norham House,  Danby, Yorkshire
Leader - Patricia Stone

Lancashire (Regional):
Facility - The Plasma Hotel, Liverpool
Leader - Luke Romesfield

Midlands (Regional):
Facility - Hotel Anaemia, Birmingham
Leader - George Williams

Wales (Regional):
Facility - Cythraul Hotel, Cardiff
Leader - Molly Evans

South West (Regional):
Facility - Caverns Hide, Newquay, Cornwall
Leader - Skye Lee

Activities: Combat, anti-Senate propaganda, protection of individuals and businesses, infiltration of The Senate, capture and/or assassination of Senate members.

Businesses/methods used to fund activities: Clubs & bars, security provision, information trade, magazine publication, blood supply, brothels, retail, transport and haulage, hotels, fealty offerings.